Daniel Lazar started his musical journey at age of 4 when his grandfather who was great folk violinist discovered his big musical talent.

Just couple months after he started learning violin from his grandfather he had his first appearance in front of audience performing in duet with his older brother. He continued working with his grandfather until he reached right age to continue his education at music school.

Imediately on start his great potential was recognized by his teacher Nevenka Tatic, with his fearless attitude and big competitive spirit he started participating on various domestic and international violin competitions having great success.

“After high school he continued his studies at Faculty of music arts in Belgrade where he began to shape his music personality , by implementing high technical and virtuoisic skills from classical into folk music and he descovered a whole new world of possibilites with new tools.”

“He became known for his extreme speed, great energy and explosivness in his sound. At that time he started to perform folk music more and more by becoming member of various music groups, ensembles and orchestras, participating in many tv and radio shows, winning several folk competitions and having concert tours across Europe.”



Almir Meskovic and Daniel Lazar each have more than 20 years of experience with both classical music and folk music.

With their musical roots from the Balkans mixed with influences from other styles, this duo has a very special feature. They present a range of styles and genres, ranging from Balkans rhythms and Russian folk tunes, to Mozart and Romani music, but the main motive are to keep the drive that music itself has developed over the centuries.

They are both Master graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music and have had in course of their career successful cooperations and projects with established artists and institutions.


Daniel is a virtuoso with amazing sound and thoughtful phrases, who already shines on the Norwegian music scene.

– Written by A.Mitrovic for magazine Etnoumlje